Journey to Employment (J2E)

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J2E is a friendly, peer support, social job club that offers a mix of activities to help you build your confidence and build new skills. We will provide you with personalised advice and support on the road into employment. Our friendly and understanding staff take a holistic approach to each individual’s circumstances which means you will receive tailored support where you need it most.

Along with practical advice and planning, a key feature of J2E is the peer support element. This has been created to help job seekers in similar situations learn from, and support, one another.

What to expect

  • Personalised advice and action planning sessions.
  • A weekly job club and a social café for participants to meet and provide each other with support.
  • Support with voluntary work, work shadowing, and placement opportunities.
  • Group support in a friendly environment that encourages individuals to come together to support each other and work together.
  • Life skills and condition management training to improve your wellbeing.
  • One-to-one support to help identify your needs and develop a personal action plan.

Support to help you in your personal development and to achieve your goals.

Contact us

Journey to Employment (J2E)

Room 10, Delta Lakes Enterprise Centre

The Avenue

Llanelli, SA15 2DS

Tel: 07496 024 665