Introduction to Llanelli Mind counselling service

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Llanelli Mind is now able to offer a counselling service which is available by appointment.

The first appointment is an introductory session to mutually see if the style of counselling is suitable for your needs. During this meeting, the counsellor will listen to your reasons for wanting counselling and the difficulties you are having. You may want to ask about the differences between counselling models, and what the counsellor feels would help you. The counsellor will then decide whether the counselling will benefit you and, if so, you can decide if you wish to meet again and for how many sessions.

If the decision is made to continue, then an agreement will be made regarding how many sessions is needed; normally this will be six with an option to extend if it could be beneficial.

Some questions to ask at your first meeting

  • Ask about the time, place, and duration of the sessions. Also be sure to let the counsellor know if you have any holidays etc.
  • You may also wish to enquire about the counsellor’s professional background.
    During this time you will build up an idea of what is involved and you will be able to make up your mind if this is a person you can work with.
  • It is important to be clear about what you want and what the counsellor is able to offer; the counselling relationship is important for both you and the counsellor. You need to feel comfortable to openly talk about your problems, this is also important and the counsellor will not be offended if you say that you do not feel that they are someone with whom you feel you can work and progress with.

Counselling Agreement

In counselling, both the counsellor and the client have rights and responsibilities. You should read these before a session begins to clarify any concerns you may have about counselling before it starts. It should be borne in mind that a therapist is not someone who is going to give you answers, solve your problems, or give you solutions. A therapist will however work with you in a supportive, respectful professional manner and they will endeavour to find a positive outcome to your presented difficulties.

Counselling provides you with the opportunity to discuss issues that are causing you concern, difficulty or distress with someone who is trained and experienced in providing psychological assistance. You will NOT be judged. Any correspondence will only be done through the centre, e.g. if you, or the counsellor has to cancel a session.

Prior to starting the counselling sessions a counselling agreement must be signed by yourself and the therapist. You will be given a copy of this document for future reference

How to make an appointment

Counselling can be accessed though our general referral.