“You said” “We did”

As part of our commitment to you, we want to ensure that we take take on board all suggestions and give them consideration.  We welcome and and all feedback.  Please let any of the team know and we will be happy to discuss.   As part of our projects we also ask you to complete monitoring forms as these will help us to help you.   We want the organisation to be influenced by all the service users.

We want to ensure that Llanelli Mind is a place to develop and to help everyone lead a more fulfilling life.

“You said”, “We did” Board

Our board is in the Welcome centre.  This displays all the changes we have made.  Due to Covid-19 we have had to amend the way many of our services operate.   We look forward to adding more to this board.

  • You’d like cooking lessons – Basic cookery lessons
  • You’d like creative writing – Creative writing workshops
  • You’d like a quiz group – Online quiz club during Covid-19
  • You’d like support during Covid-19 – Support calls 3 times a week
  • To update board, by entrance, more frequently – Update the board weekly with sessions during the week
  • You’d like mindfulness sessions – Mindful meditation sessions
  • You’d like accredited courses through Llanelli Mind – Walking group leader course & food hygiene course
  • You want walking groups through winter months – Walk and click group through winter months and exhibition of members images
  • You’d like walking groups and socially distanced meet-ups during lockdown – Socially distanced walking group and picnic in the park sessions
  • You want more timetables available – Timetables available by front door as well as on the noticeboards
  • You want a book club – Book club, and online book club, during Covid-19
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