Mind Befriending Sir Gâr

Our befriending scheme offers support and companionship to people who have mental health needs. We recruit, train and match volunteers with individuals who are socially isolated through their experience of mental ill health. In a rural county like Carmarthenshire, people can also be geographically isolated.

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Aims and objectives of Mind Befriending Sir Gâr

We aim to encourage people experiencing emotional or mental health problems towards a more fulfilling life through developing mutually beneficial friendships.

We aim to:

Alleviate the loneliness of people with mental health problems who are geographically isolated by helping them developing a wider social network. We also want to:

  • Promote personal choice
  • Increase self-respect
  • Reduce stress
  • Support existing personal skills and the development of new opportunities
  • Prevent admissions and re-admissions to hospital by minimising the destabilising effects of mental illness
  • Promote a more positive attitude to mental health in the community

The befriending scheme will:

  • Provide regular and agreed contact with a volunteer befriender
  • Provide companionship and support
  • Offer a listening ear, but not structured counselling
  • Offer this service in an informal, non-judgmental and confidential manner, free to the service user
  • Ensure regular reviews of the befriending relationship

Mind Befriending Sir Gâr works within the Mind Quality Framework and uses the Quality Management in Mind (QMiM) which demonstrates our commitment to quality assurance.