About the scheme

Mind Befriending Sir Gâr is available throughout the county of Carmarthenshire.

The scheme aims to promote the wellbeing and positive mental health of people in the county who are experiencing emotional distress and are geographically and socially isolated. It provides one-to-one support and companionship on a regular basis through the use of trained volunteer befrienders to widen social networks and assist in accessing community based facilities in the company of befrienders.

What is befriending?

Many people feel isolated and lonely possibly owing to their mental health difficulties. A befriending relationship might involve going for a coffee and chat, a walk, watching a film in the cinema; anything both parties enjoy that will not only provide companionship but also help to boost the self-confidence of the person seeking support. The important thing is that both people meet and engage with each other.

Befrienders are not expected to offer complex therapies or replace the role of statutory mental heath services. Instead we work in conjunction with other agencies to meet the needs of our service users.

Many volunteers gain vocational experience and there is an opportunity to attend training for self-development.

There are many strengths in modern society, but one of its weaknesses is the breakdown of many of the structures and networks that supported people in times of crisis and need. Whenever we lose a strengthening element in society, we need to replace it with alternative systems as quickly as possible. Befriending schemes are a crucial part of this process because they fill the gap that social erosion has left in the lives of so many vulnerable people.