Become a Trustee

Our Board

We are governed by a Board of Trustees made of people from the local community including Llanelli Mind members, service users, and local professional people. Because we speak for a diverse community, we aim to reflect that diversity in our Board. We also ensure that those with lived experience of mental health issues are included in the makeup of the Board.

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What does the Board do?

The Board of Trustees takes a strategic overview of Llanelli Mind’s activities and ensures that the organisation is acting at all times in pursuit of its mission.

  • Trustees act as a single body.
  • Trustees ensure the organisation has a clear strategy or set of goals.
  • Trustees ensure the work and goals of the organisation are in line with its stated vision, usually defined in a governing document and often called the organisation’s ‘objects’.
  • Trustees keep a check on the organisation’s finances and activities.
  • Trustees appoint and support the head of staff (e.g. the chief executive or manager of the overall charity or organisation).
  • Trustees delegate authority for day to day activities to appropriate staff and/or volunteers.
  • Trustees take overall legal responsibility for the organisation’s work.
  • Trustees must act in the interests of the organisation not themselves.
  • Trustees are volunteers and should not, generally, be paid though they should be reimbursed out-of-pocket expenses for their involvement as a trustee.

Want to get involved?

We are always interested in hearing from potential new Board members. We are particularly keen to hear from applicants who have finance, marketing, and legal experience, but please do get in touch even if your skills fall outside these areas.

To apply, please view the role description and download our application form.