Introduction to Llanelli Mind counselling service

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‘How do I access the counselling service?’

Llanelli Mind’s counselling service is accessed by referral to our general service. During your initial assessment to this service one of the options available will be counselling which you will be able to consider at this time.

‘How long will I have to wait for counselling’

It is difficult to give an exact waiting time for the service, however it is important to know that there is a waiting list, that we aim to see people in turn and that we will contact you to offer an appointment as soon as we can.

‘What will happening during my first session?’

Your first counselling session will give you the opportunity to decide if counselling and your counsellor feel right for you.
During this meeting, the counsellor will firstly ask you to read and then sign a contract with them.
In counselling, both the counsellor and the client have rights and responsibilities which the contract will explain. If you are happy with the contract you and your counsellor will sign two copies, you will be given one to keep and your counsellor will keep the other.
The counsellor will ask you about what has brought you to counselling and any goals you would like to gain from the process. They may take notes at this stage to help them build a picture of you and may reflect on your past experiences as well as the present.
At the end of the first session your counsellor will discuss with you how you have felt the session has been and if you would like to continue.

It is important to know that your therapist is not someone who is going to give you answers, solve your problems, or give you solutions. A therapist will however work with you in a supportive, respectful professional manner and they will endeavour to help you find a positive outcome to your presented difficulties.

‘What happens if this doesn’t feel right for me?’

During counselling you need to feel comfortable to openly talk about your problems, the counsellor will not be offended if you say that you do not feel that they are someone with whom you feel you can work and progress with or if you decide that counselling is not right for you at the moment. If this happens your counsellor will be able to talk to you about options that may be open to you.

‘How often are my sessions?’

Sessions are generally once a week and are generally on the same day and at the same time.It is a good idea to let the counsellor know if you have any planned holidays coming up so that sessions can be re-arranged.If your counsellor is unable to attend the session we will let you know as soon as we can.

‘What happens if I miss a session?’

The contract says that if you can’t attend a session and do not let us know we will assume that you no longer require the service and so its really important to let us know if you can’t attend as soon as possible before the session is due to start.